We are a Gainesville Community Partner

We believe it is vital to be a good neighbor, a good employer, a good community member, and a good steward of the earth.

Since we opened our doors in 2013 SweetBerries has hosted fundraisers benefiting hundreds of local charitable organizations. We work with student organizations, schools, and non-profits to help raise needed funds for local community based organizations. Together we have raised thousands of dollars.

SweetBerries partners with the Gainesville Fine Arts Association to showcase the work of local artists.

SweetBerries uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We proudly serve Artie’s Tempeh, coffee from Opus, and baked goods from BrotherCookies and Brownie Guy.

We have approximately 30 full and part time employees at any given time. New emplyees are hired above minimum wage and wages are increased as employees learn their stations and pick up new skills. We understand the need for a living wage and are working towards paying all employees a living wage as our store becomes more profitable. Interested in working with us? Send us a note through our contacts page and we’ll send you an application.

Working to Minimize Our Impact on The Earth

  • We renovated an existing structure that was originally Tubbie’s 66 Service Station, then Sabine Music, and then Books Inc. and the Book Lover’s Cafe. We used a facade grant from the CRA to make improvements that preserved the original look of the building.
  • We repurposed many existing features from Books Inc. We put a new finish on the original concrete floors, used the pine bookshelves in our interior decor, used the old solid wood doors as table tops, and old concrete fence slats for car stops.
  • We use reusable plates and sandwich trays.
  • Our kitchen scraps are picked up by a local farmer for pig and chicken feed.
  • We recycle all glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, and office paper.
  • We replaced Styrofoam drinking cups with reusable plastic cups for dine-in water drinkers. We recently replaced our 20 oz foam drink cups with paper cups. We plan to replace more of our Styrofoam as we find cost effective ways to do so.
  • We worked with GRU to replace water sprayers in the kitchen with low flow sprayers.
  • We provide hand dryers rather than paper towels in the restrooms.
  • We replaced lighting with compact florescent, halogen, and LED bulbs.
  • We are using crushed recycled concrete in our parking lot.


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