The Journey of Frozen Custard: From Europe to SweetBerries

The Journey of Frozen Custard: From Europe to SweetBerries

Frozen custard ice cream traces its origins back to Europe, where the creamy, frozen treat was reserved for the elite. As it traveled to the shores of America, it became a sensation in fairs and boardwalks. At SweetBerries, we’ve taken this age-old recipe and given it our own twist. With quality ingredients and a passion for perfection, our custard is a nod to the past but with a flavor that’s distinctly contemporary.

Frozen Custard Origins

The story of frozen custard ice cream is as rich and decadent as its creamy texture. In the cobbled streets of 17th-century Europe, frozen custard ice cream was born. Crafted with just eggs, cream, and sugar, it was a dessert that only the elite could indulge in. Stately homes and royal banquets saw the earliest versions of this dessert, where it was cherished for its smooth finish and luxurious mouthfeel. But like all great things, it wasn’t destined to remain hidden from the world for long.

As immigrants traveled to the New World, they brought with them their cherished recipes. America’s burgeoning boardwalks and bustling fairs of the 20th century witnessed the rise of this creamy delight. No longer reserved just for the aristocrats, it found its way into the hands of everyday people, becoming a symbol of joy and celebration. Its growing popularity was undeniable, and soon, it was an integral part of American dessert culture.


Enter SweetBerries. Recognizing the timeless appeal of this delicious dessert, we embarked on a journey to perfect this age-old treat. Drawing inspiration from traditional recipes, yet infusing our own touch, SweetBerries’ frozen custard ice cream is a harmonious blend of the past and the present. With every scoop, we aim to transport our patrons back to those European streets, letting them savor a piece of history, all while sitting comfortably in our modern eatery. At SweetBerries, the legacy of frozen custard ice cream lives on, one delicious serving at a time.

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